A Reader's Hebrew Bible: Appendix A Available For Download

Zondervan has given me permission to make Appendix A--the glossary containing all words occurring over 100x-- available as a free download. I have formatted the document so that it can be printed double-sided as a booklet. For the booklet version click here: http://apbrown2.net/rhbappendixa.pdf

If the booklet format is too hard to figure out how to print (it can be difficult), you can download a full-pageversion which you can then print in whatever way you prefer. For the full-page version click here: http://apbrown2.net/rhbappendixa_full.pdf

Tole, Lege!
Philip Brown


John said…
Thank you much. The best of us are forgetful of our vocabulary, and this will save me much time.

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