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When God made a fool of the Egyptians (Exod. 10:2)

Exodus 10:2 and in order that in the hearing of your son and your grandson you may tell how I made fools of the Egyptians and about my signs that I displayed among them, so that you may know that I am the LORD."

The verb עלל (translated “make fools of” by the NET) occurs 7x in the hitpael (Exod. 10:2; Num. 22:29; Jdg. 19:25; 1 Sam. 6:6; 31:4; 1 Chr. 10:4; Jer. 38:19). The LXX translates it with ἐμπαίζω “mock” (6x) and καταμωκάομαι “mock” (1x; Jer. 38:19). It is translated by the NASB “deal harshly”  (Exod. 10:2), “make a mockery of” (Num. 22:29), “abuse” (Jdg 19:25; 1 Chron. 10:4; Jer. 38:19), “deal severely with” (1 Sam. 6:6), “make sport of” (1 Sam. 31:4). The ESV translates it “deal harshly with” (Exod. 10:2), “make a fool of” (Num. 22:29), “abuse” (Jdg 19:25), “deal severely with” (1 Sam. 6:6), “mistreat” (1 Sam. 31:4; 1 Chron. 10:4), “deal cruelly with” (Jer. 38:19).

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Yahweh does this to the Egyptians through the plagues (Exod. 10:2; 1 Sam. 6:6), Balaam beli…