RHB: 1st Printing Sold; 2nd Printing Has Arrived

I just learned from Zondervan that the first printing of A Reader's Hebrew Bible has completely sold out (hence the "out of stock" notice on Amazon.com).

The good news is that the second printing has arrived and will soon be shipping to suppliers. The second printing includes a significant number of corrections, including the unfortunate tsere-segel problem in Genesis. For a complete list of errata, including the corrections included in the second edition as well as those to be fixed in future printings, click here.


jason miller said…
Hello, Phil--congratulations on print #2! It has been interesting keeping up with your work on the Reader's Hebrew Bible--I had an opportunity recently to recommend it to a parishioner looking for exactly what it provides!
Jason Button said…
Wonderful news! May I ask how many copies were printed (1st and 2nd)? I've found this to a very helpful resource! Thanks for your continued hard work!
Philip Brown said…
Hi, JasonM, Thanks for the congrats and for your recommendation. Trust all is well with you.

JasonB: I think around 3500 the first printing and 4000 for the second printing. The response so far has been quite encouraging.
Jason Button said…
That's great! Now that school is about to start I trust that the 2nd printing will sell just as fast.

Thanks for the errata sheet.

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