Rod and reproof (Prov. 29:15)

Proverbs 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom, But a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother. (NASB)

The juxtaposition of rod and reproof struck me this morning as I was proofing Proverbs 29 for A Reader’s Hebrew Bible (more info.; sample). Since I am daily shaping the behavioral patterns of my son, it is good to be reminded that it is rod and reproof that gives wisdom. Either the rod or verbal correction alone is insufficient. They work together.

The rod I take to be metonymy of cause for effect. In other words, the rod is what causes pain, and pain is (at all levels of development) a motivator to avoid whatever behavior produced the pain. If the rod is seen merely as a physical instrument, I think its real significance is lost. It is the pain of the rod that helps drive away folly. If physical pain is ineffective, other sorts of rods are available (e.g., loss of privilege, loss of play-time, etc.).

Reproof involves the verbal instruction that identifies the incorrect behavior for what it is and provides instruction on why it is wrong and what is the appropriate alternative.

This is, of course, an axiomatic statement; therefore, it does not mean wisdom is always and only imparted by rod and reproof. But the final stich (last half of the verse), contextualizes this axiom: “a child who is allowed to run loose without restriction shames his mother.” Without the restraint of rod and reproof, parental shame is the inevitable consequence. Solomon should know.


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